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Beside the professional statistical software Online statistical computation , and the use of a scientific calculator is required for the course. A Scientific Calculator is the one, which has capability to give you, say, the result of square root of 5. Any calculator that goes beyond the 4 operations is fine for this course. These calculators allow you to perform simple calculations you need in this course, for example, enabling you to take square root, to raise e to the power of say, . and so on. These types of calculators are called general Scientific Calculators. There are also more specific and advanced calculators for mathematical computations in other areas such as Finance, Accounting, and even Statistics. The last one, for example, computes mean, variance, skewness, and kurtosis of a sample by simply entering all data one-by-one and then pressing any of the mean, variance, skewness, and kurtosis keys.

You can use your excel workbook in order to create multiple spreadsheets for every employee. Each worksheet will contain a separate appraisal sheet. By consolidating the scores into a summary style worksheet, you will find it very useful. It will allow you to track and compare their performance over time. Also, you can easily use various features by creating an entirely new worksheet and then clicking on the “consolidate,” option. This option is available within the data tools section right below the data tab. Prior to using this feature, it is important that you ensure that every appraisal worksheet makes use of the exact same layout along with its corresponding data that occupies the same cells within each worksheet. After the data has been consolidated into a summary style worksheet, you can record and chart your employee’s progress by including a line graph.

Anova excel

anova excel


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