Nap 50 kick in time

As a former teacher, I have some ideas to keep kids entertained indoors. Make paper helicopters from folding the paper in half. Then cut the top half in half perpendicular to the fold lines, stopping at the fold. Next, cut on the top folded line one third of the way on each side. Fold each third of the top in half to make two helicopter blades. Bend these in opposite directions. Cut the lower fold one third of the way on each side. Fold each third to make the middle piece. Finally, fold the bottom piece up at the tip to give the helicopter some weight at the bottom. Drop the copter from a second floor railing and watch it twirl. Making the blades wider or different lengths, varies the speed of the drop. Kids get excited over this activity.

When possible, we field test our chair recommendations across a variety of terrains and weather conditions. We try to test each chair under the conditions in which it figures to be most frequently used. When testing a chair is not possible, we look at the features of the chair and compare it to existing models in our arsenal of gear. We examine how the chair has changed and what improvements, if any, were made for the current year. We also comb through product specifications and both manufacturer and retailer videos for insight into any new technological advances developed for these latest and greatest camping chairs.

the lot is very close to a busy road and major intersection in the buslting city of hiroshima, with a constant sound-scape of revving engines and screeching trams. japenese practice hiroshi nakamura & NAP therefore created an acoustically protected tranquil oasis behind a crystal curtain that would still allow views of the city. this buffer space is a beautiful living filter; the impressive glass block facade resting over the wooden garage and entry area conceal behind it a green garden whose trees filter the eastern sunlight and offer a natural haven which all rooms in the program face. the effect is a visually busy exterior environment observed from the silence of the home.

Nap 50 kick in time

nap 50 kick in time


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