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I don't know how helpful this is as the only insomnia I've ever experienced was in the last trimester with ds as I had chronic spd pain. I was given cocodamol for the day but they gave me dihydrocodeine at night. Would knock me out for hours. So much so that I wouldn't take it if dh was away on business as I was frightened of not waking if there was an emergency with the other dcs!

If the gp says this is an option, make sure you take in conjunction with senekot

I normally sleep like the dead so to suddenly not was bad enough. You have my deepest sympathies if life is like that for you all the time.

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I am 20 years old and was just told i have an extremely dangerously low level of Vitamin D, and they have prescribed me 50,000 units per week for the next 3 months. This explains why I was so tired I could fall asleep standing up, and had such a hard time with energy. I could sleep 18 hours and still be exhausted to barely be out of bed! I have daily headaches, horrid back pains for years, and pains that radiate through my bones all the time. They did not do a bone scan so maybe that should be my next step. I also live in upstate new york and am not allowed to go in the sun for risk of skin cancer because i am so fare skinned. All of these problems I have complained for years and finally i got the right person to look into it and I start my medication today, hoping to feel more my age soon! Been years since i was able to be a teen, and i don’t want to be old yet!

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