Primo cycle pics

While Winstrol cycles for cutting are the most common, athletic Winstrol cycles are the most popular; what we mean is this is what most people know about. Winstrol is one of the few anabolic steroids many in the general public have heard of as it has made headline news numerous times over the years when certain athletes have been caught supplementing with steroids. At any rate, for this purpose there is no visual effect that is desired, but what is desired is strength, and it is provided. A Winstrol cycle of this nature will follow the same rules as the one above; however, the dosing is sometimes a little lower. In any case, use will yield a stronger and faster athlete, and when it comes to athletics that's the name of the game.

When they say 64 days to flower does this mean from seed to start of flower or from start of flower to harvest??? I’m growing in a 4′ x 4′ tent with a air cooled tube light with a 400 watt HPS Bulb. (16″ from canopy)Plants are 4 weeks old and about 6″ tall. I’m using Blue Mountain Organic : GROW IT GREEN during the veg. state and FLOWER POWER during the flowering state. (when the time comes) Also misting with a light solution of the same nutrients a couple times a week. Anything else I can do to improve the quality and quantity??? Thanks Gilly

I used proviron at 50mg daily for a total of 6 weeks towards the end of my cycle, right up until the start of PCT. Dose was split in two, taken morning and night. My libido sky rocketed, I had a great sense of well being and that needed boost of energy. It dried me out a little, and my muscles were slightly hardened by the effects. The only sides I encountered were increased oily skin. Based on my past experiences with Proviron, I would say Alpha Pharma Proviron is definitely up there with the likes of Bayer Proviron. Great value for money.

Primo cycle pics

primo cycle pics


primo cycle picsprimo cycle picsprimo cycle picsprimo cycle picsprimo cycle pics