Primobolan hair loss

first off,you never want to use propecia with deca. deca itself converts to dhn,not dht. dhn is a very weak androgen witha very weak affinity to the scalp. using propecia will prevent deca's conversion to dhn,thus causing more hair loss. theoretically,propecia only works with testosterones,not derivatives.
although primobolan is a weak androgen,it does have properties similar to dht as does winstrol,this could explain hairloss from both of these drugs. the are derivatives of dht,not actual dht but similar in structure.
anavar and deca is a safe cycle for hairloss but don't use propecia during this.

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Metholone also referred to as Primobolan is an Anabolic Steroid which is available in bo th oral and injectable form. The oral form contains an acetate ester which allows it to be absorbed by the body without being destroyed before being absorbed into the blood stream, the injectable version contains an enanthate ester. The oral version is one of the only oral Steroids out there that is not a C17-alpha alkylated which means it has not been altered to bypass the liver, C17-alpha alkylated Steroids have been known to put the liver under severe strain when used in large dosages or for long periods of time. Not being a C17-alpha alkylated Steroid also means more of the Steroid is broken down before being absorbed, this makes the depot version of the Steroid far more effective and popular, especially when taking the price tag into consideration.

Primobolan hair loss

primobolan hair loss


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