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In athletics, Cornell graduates include football legend Glenn "Pop" Warner (1894), [58] head coach of the United States men's national soccer team Bruce Arena ('73), [59] National Hockey League commissioner Gary Bettman ('74), [60] Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred , six-time Stanley Cup -winning hockey goalie Ken Dryden ('69), [61] William Larned who was one of the "Big Three of the . men's (tennis) championship" and won the title seven times, and Toronto Raptors president Bryan Colangelo ('87). [62] Alumni who played in the National Football League include Super Bowl champion Kevin Boothe , and Ed Marinaro ('71), who was also known for his television work on Hill Street Blues . [63] Cornellians have also won numerous Olympic medals (28 Gold, 19 Silver and 8 Bronze, as of 2017). [64]

After testing four iPhone apps, we like myNoise (created by the sound engineer we spoke with, Stéphane Pigeon). The free app offers some interesting sound mixes, but you should first check out the “White Noise & Co” setting; its unique color-coded slider allows you to adjust white noise frequencies, from lowest to highest, to create a customized white noise mix. myNoise is also the only app we tested that offers an “animate” setting, which automatically varies the volume of the frequencies to create unique white noise blends. You can set a timer or alarm from within the app, too.

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