What is fake anavar

Test + Tren sounds good, I am skeptical that Var would add anything to it that a slightly higher dosage of Tren couldn't at a MUCH lower overall cost for the cycle. I could see it being worth it if you didn't want to increase the dosage of Tren because of sides, and were willing to drop some good $$$ on enough Var to significantly improve the cycle (since it is very mild as far as sides go), but other than that I'd recommend scrapping the Var - and this is coming from somebody who thinks Var might be one of the best orals available when properly dosed. Also, while Var isn't known for being all that toxic, you could take comfort in the fact that your liver will be at least a little bit healthier without the addition of an oral.

What is fake anavar

what is fake anavar


what is fake anavarwhat is fake anavarwhat is fake anavarwhat is fake anavarwhat is fake anavar