When to take clomid after anavar

My husband and I have been ttc for 6 years. Had bilateral tubal blockage. Had a lap done in January of 2013. TTC for 6 months with no success. My RE did a HSG yesterday. Dye showed slight dilation and we waited 5 minutes. And, YES, the dye went through the tubes (thank GOD), it went throught slowly, however, it did make it all the way through. I am grateful for that.
I just started my first round of Clomid 50 mg on CD3-7.
I am starting my clear blue ovulation monitoring (this am)
I am so excited. I am praying and believing for a miracle.
I have never used clomid before this. I am expecting a healthy BFP this month. I will keep everyone updated. If this doesn't work, RE wants me to go on Femara.
I chose to start with clomid first.

Clomid is similar to estrogen in its make-up. The receptor cells in your brain think that Clomid is estrogen which allows the Clomid to attach to the receptor cells. When Clomid attaches to the receptor cells, it keeps your own estrogen from attaching to the cells. This causes your body to think that you are not making enough estrogen. When estrogen levels are low, your body responds by making other hormones that help nurture and mature the follicles that are growing in your ovaries. Why? Because the follicles are what produce estrogen and your body wants your estrogen levels to increase. Your body thinks your follicles are not producing enough estrogen so it starts producing more of the hormones that help the follicles mature so that they will start producing more estrogen.

When to take clomid after anavar

when to take clomid after anavar


when to take clomid after anavarwhen to take clomid after anavarwhen to take clomid after anavarwhen to take clomid after anavarwhen to take clomid after anavar